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Children face a range of complex and interconnected threats both on- and offline, including sexual abuse and exploitation, criminal exploitation, and trafficking. Specialist services play a vital role in supporting and safeguarding children who are at risk of experiencing or have experienced criminal...

The multi-agency Practice Principles for responding to child exploitation and extra-familial harm are designed to support effective partnership working across different local contexts; providing a common language and framework to better respond to child exploitation and extra-familial harm[1].

Thanks to the Child Criminal and Sexual Exploitation teams, this video talks you through how to make a good Multi Agency Referral, setting out where you can help our teams and what information to include. This video also covers use of the Gang Involvement /Association Tool (GAT) and the CSE Risk Assessment...

Pregnant pupils guidance for Leicestershire & Rutland Schools (PDF, 416 Kb)

This pregnant pupils guidance for schools has been developed by the Norfolk County Council Medical Needs Service and has been adapted by Public Health Team Leicestershire County Council. It aims to help schools to manage the support and reintegration of pregnant pupils and school age parents.The guidance...

Turning Point - Vaping Risks (PDF, 7.1 Mb)

Turning Point - Vaping Risks

Mon, 05 Dec 2022

Turning Point have created a poster to highlight the risks of vaping, especially to young people. It highlights harmful substances that are being added and sold in vape oils, and what support is available to young people who want to stop or reduce vaping cannabis related products.Please find attached...

The Leicestershire, Leicester and Rutland Violence Reduction Network has kindly made available a template policy around Trauma Informed Relationship and Behaviours. It seeks to inform, guide and support staff, parents/carers, and pupils to achieve behavioural aims through actively promoting positive...

Gender and Exploitation

Sat, 22 Oct 2022

We have likely all made assumptions based on another person's gender at some point in our lives. These assumptions are often based on stereotypical notions of who is 'male' and who is 'female', how men and women should act, and what is 'proper' or expected for one's gender. Such assumptions can have...

This toolkit has been developed to support frontline practitioners to safeguard children and young people under the age of 18 from sexual and criminal exploitation. This includes social workers, police officers, housing officers, education staff, healthcare staff, charity staff, and others.

Modern Day Slavery 7-Minute Briefing (PDF, 318 Kb)

7-Minute Briefing, produced by the Leicestershire & Rutland Safeguarding Children Partnership (SCP), regarding the effects on a child of living in a household involved in the commission of modern slavery offences.

The report provides an outline of child trafficking between October 2020 and October 2021, including the latest data, policy developments, examples of promising practice and challenges faced by practitioners. This snapshot report also highlights some progress and good practice as well as raising concerns...

This briefing summarises findings from a literature review and 12 stakeholder interviews about children excluded from school or missing from education and the association with child exploitation and extra-familial harm. It examines awareness and safeguarding practice around school exclusion and exploitation...

Serious Violence Duty 7-Minute Briefing (PDF, 155 Kb)

Produced by the Violence Reduction Network

Drugs and Alcohol Support - Turning Point (PDF, 85 Kb)

The Young People and Young Adults Drug and Alcohol service at Turning Point is a dedicated specialist service for those under 25.

This toolkit, put together by the Contextual Safeguarding Network, helps schools and community organisations to respond to youth violence. It aims to help schools to assess safety in their setting and provides resources supporting the implementation of contextual interventions within community settings...

This self-assessment toolkit, put together by the Contextual Safeguarding Network, aims to support schools to address Harmful Sexual Behaviours.

Leicestershire's Anti-Racist Audit Tool was developed and piloted with primary schools during 2021-2022 to support schools in improving their anti-racist practice. Schools found the audit tool helpful to identify areas of good practice along with areas for development and discussion.

The Understanding Behaviour in Schools Toolkit is a free East Midlands Education Support Service resource.

Expect Respect is a prevention toolkit that will help lead sessions around healthy relationships for children and young people aged 4-18.

Protecting Adolescents from Harm Outside the Home: A Trauma Informed Toolkit (PDF, 1.3 Mb)

This toolkit for schools, produced by Lincolnshire County Council, aims to support development of a trauma informed approach.

Harm Outside the Home Toolkit (PDF, 14 Mb)

A tool for schools and settings for understanding and mitigating potential harms outside the home.

Created by Nottinghamshire County Council

Harm Outside the Home 7-Minute Briefing (PDF, 216 Kb)

7-Minute Briefing created by Leicester, Leicestershire & Rutland with questions for practitioners to encourage disclosure of Serious Violence & Child Exploitation (CE)

Contextual Safeguarding: Lessons Learned and Next Steps (PDF, 1.5 Mb)

PowerPoint presentation by Carlene Firmin, Professor of Social Work, Durham University on Contextual Safeguarding, covering:

  • What it is and what it isn't
  • Key features of implementation
  • Key steps for alignment with the Contextual Safeguarding values and framework

You can access her keynote speech from the...