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Going Missing from Home or Care

There is a relationship between school exclusion and exploitation. Causality is less clear, but the relationship between the two is important. Permanent school exclusion can act as an escalation of risk on a pathway where risk is already evident. Attending school full time can be a protective factor. Preventing exclusion reduces the risks around child exploitation.

The Tackling Child Exploitation Support Programme (Research in Practice; The Children's Society; University of Bedfordshire) produced the following briefing - "Excluded or missing from education and child exploitation" - which summarises findings from a literature review and 12 stakeholder interviews about children excluded from school or missing from education and the association with child exploitation and extra-familial harm. It examines awareness and safeguarding practice around school exclusion and exploitation and highlights good practice.

Useful National Websites

The following websites provide useful information on people going missing:

Children's Society - this site gives help and advice on what to do if a child goes missing and helps us to understand why children run away.

Missing People - this UK charity provides a lifeline for anyone affected by someone going missing. Selecting the tab "For Professionals" takes you to training opportunities.