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Local Toolkits

Through the DFE funding of the "Harm outside the Home Project" Leicestershire, Lincolnshire, and Nottinghamshire, have produced a toolkit to Protect adolescents from Harm outside the Home. This toolkit promotes the importance of children being in education when there are exploitation risks.

A Trauma Informed Toolkit to support education professionals to recognise the signs and behavioural symptoms associated with childhood trauma and adverse childhood experiences. These toolkits are fully available to schools via this site and may be used for the benefit of your educational establishment.

  • NEW- Leicestershire's Child Exploitation Screening Tool NEW- Leicestershire's Child Exploitation Screening Tool (MS Word, 135 Kb)

    This is Leicestershire's new Child Exploitation Screening Tool- it is one tool for Child Criminal Exploitation and Child Sexual Exploitation. It asks for more narrative in order to ensure that we are getting factual information in order to help us make a more evidenced grading decisions.

Harm Outside the Home - Toolkit

Harm Outside The Home 7-minute briefing

This 7-minute briefing includes questions designed to support practitioners to maximise the opportunity to encourage a young person to disclose serious violence.

These questions are especially useful where the consultation or discussion is time limited.

This could include practitioners working in Unscheduled Health Care settings, Emergency Departments and Primary Care and also 'corridor conversations' in schools and colleges.

Protecting Adolescents - Toolkit for Schools

Understanding Behaviour in Schools Toolkit

The Understanding Behaviour in Schools Toolkit is a free East Midlands Education Support Service resource.

Anti-Racist Audit Tool for Schools

Leicestershire's Anti-Racist Audit Tool was developed and piloted with primary schools during 2021-2022 to support schools in improving their anti-racist practice. Schools found the audit tool helpful to identify areas of good practice along with areas for development and discussion.

National Toolkits